At Sky Ranch Lodge, it is our great joy to welcome you to our beautiful city! Good Morning, America named Sedona one of the ten most beautiful areas in America. Now, let us help you discover what we love about living in Sedona.

First, there is the breathtaking beauty. It’s more than just these exquisite red rocks. Look at how the unseen force of wind, rain, and erosion carved Coffee Pot Rock to resemble an old fashioned, metal coffee pot – the kind used over a camp fire. Marvel at how glorious Cathedral Rock is in the bright sunshine. When you are here, make sure that you soak in the natural beauty of Crescent Moon State Park at Red Rock Crossing. Cathedral Rock is a majestic fortress of red rock like no other in the world!

Meander through one of our most popular shopping centers, Tlaquepaque. This picturesque plaza is built to look like a Mexican Arts & Crafts village.

Spend time at the Chapel of the Holy Cross, a non-denominational chapel. This is a very tranquil place no matter what your beliefs are.

Take time to drive up Oak Creek Canyon, named by no less an authority than Rand-McNally (the map people) as one of the five most beautiful drives in America.
……and so much more.

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