What is a Vortex?

In Sedona a vortex consists of energy spiraling up from the surface of the Earth and releasing that energy into the universe. Some believe this energy is spiritual. Vortexes also happen to be locations of immense natural beauty which may help explain the energy surge people report when visiting the sites.

Airport Vortex just down the mesa from Sky Ranch Lodge

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Airport Vortex

Within walking distance of Sky Ranch Lodge, a clearly marked trail guides you up to the saddle between the small hills. Vistas of Oak Creek Canyon, West Sedona and horizons up to 70 miles away can be seen.

Cathedral Rock/Red Rock Crossing Vortex

By climbing or hiking, you can reach the Cathedral Rock/Red Rock Crossing Vortex. As you meander beside the cool Oak Creek, look up and marvel at the stunning, resplendent red rocks.

At the point where Oak Creek is closest to Cathedral Rock, this vortex is one of the most photographed views in the Southwest.

Boynton Canyon Vortex

A beautiful scenic drive takes you to this vortex. There you can simply enjoy the beauty of the canyon or from the Boynton Canyon Trail, you can follow the signs to the Vista Trail, a gorgeous path which offers you sweeping vistas of the red rocks all around you.

Bell Rock Vortex

Located south of Sedona in the Village of Oak Creek, this vortex is a majestic Red Rock in the shape of a bell. Enjoy its grandeur from your car or hike the Bell Rock Trail.

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