Sedona traces its founding as a community to 1902 when the 55 residents were awarded their first post office. This town of ranchers and farmers of peach and apple orchards, grew slowly: by the mid-1950’s, there were only 155 names in the phone directory. Sedona moved at its own pace: by the 1960’s, electricity finally reached all parts of the town.

Famous movie stars such as Orson Wells and Jane Russell bought second homes in Sedona to escape hectic Hollywood. Tap dancers Donald O’Connor and Ann Miller hoofed it over to Sedona to buy homes and become part-time residents.

Famous visitors to Sedona included John Wayne, Robert Mitchum, Joan Crawford, and Elvis Presley who spent considerable time in Sedona because they filmed movies here. From 1923-1973, over 60 major motion pictures (movies) were filmed in Sedona including Westerns such as Broken Arrow, Blood on the Moon, Tall in the Saddle, The Angel and the Bad Man, and Johnny Guitar.

As time went on, more people discovered Sedona and it became a very popular vacation destination. Seeing the need to build a hotel which merged the vintage charm of the Old West with modern amenities, John Joynt, the inspired architect/contractor, and the Gary Graham family built Sky Ranch Lodge on the most beautiful land in Sedona. In 1982, Sky Ranch Lodge opened. At 71, it was a bit of career change for Mr. Joynt the contractor when he launched his family’s hospitality business. Since then his descendants have upheld the family’s goal of providing a beautiful, quality property offering rooms at an affordable rate. Still privately owned and operated by the Graham family, Sky Ranch Lodge is a unique jewel in Sedona.