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Surrounded by Sedona’s magical beauty, Sky Ranch Lodge invites you to linger at our Oasis in the Sky.

Here, you can enjoy our horizon-to-horizon view of an endless blue sky. From Sky Ranch Lodge, you drink in the beauty of the red rocks as you enjoy the quiet serenity of 6.5 acres of beautiful gardens and our stunning swimming pool. Enjoy your morning coffee on your porch, in our lush gardens, or by the koi ponds.

Overlooking all of the town, Sky Ranch Lodge is 500 feet higher in altitude than Sedona. You are the first to see the dawn and the last to witness an amazing sunset. At night, you see all the twinkling lights of Sedona and the sky overhead.

At Sky Ranch Lodge, you are surrounded by Sedona’s magical beauty every day. Come up and see!

A visitor said this about Sky Ranch Lodge:

“To me, the essence of Sedona is the sense of peace and tranquility I find here. While seated by the koi ponds at Sky Ranch Lodge, I can count my blessings for all the good in my life. While walking through the lush gardens, I can marvel at the beauty all around me. In the morning, I can sit on my private patio and pray. From here, I look out at the red rocks, rather that up at them-which is the angle most people see them at in Sedona. From this vantage point at Sky Ranch Lodge, I have an unobstructed view of these gorgeous red rocks. The perspective I gain here, I take with me when I leave Sedona. And then, I start counting the days until I can come back.”